I asked her and she said no way, her husband was around and he won’t like his wife being photographed by a stranger.
“We got a problem then!”
She nodded.
“Then let me quickly take your picture and you look towards the side he might appear and if you see him just let me know and I’ll run”

When I told her I was done, she said run…and I did


A retired bank clerk and a proud father of two sons, both are currently practicing medicine.
No complains, got more than I deserve, he said but his bunny teeth, took me a couple of shots till he gave way.

“Persistence pays”
He smiled.

I think he looks quite cute with them. Can’t imagine him otherwise. In fact it’s our flaws that make us unique and when we accept them, the world follows or perhaps doesn’t matter.
He’s perfect, we’re perfect.

Postcard to Friends


My friends can’t believe I took that picture. No one believes I stepped out early morning with my camera. I’m quite infamous for my late nights. My perfect day starts around noon and this is officially my first early morning outdoor picture and later I remembered a distant friend once asked me and I told him, I take pictures and he smirked “No way, photographers wake up in the wee hours and head places…”
Ignorant fool, I thought of him then and believe me, he is an idiot. He made a mean remark, I’m sure you’ll agree. 23 days gone since I walked on the beach, that quaint, peerless morning….let me say, true friends look beyond what time you wake up.

Blackjack ‘ed’

IMG_4030 copy

“I know why he’s taking our picture…”
“He’ll put our picture in his phone which has a thing called facebook”
“What’s that?”
“I see grown-ups staring at facebook all the time. They keep going down and then they keep going up”
“Really?….ask him”
“You’ll put our picture on facebook..isn’t it?”
Me : “No”
“Don’t lie”
Me : “Why should I lie?”
“What will you do with the picture then?”
Me : “……………………………Nothing”
“Show us facebook on your phone”
Me : “I’ll put your picture on my blog”
“What’s that?”
Me : “A blog….”
“You’re lying. He’s lying”
Me : “……………………………………”
“Facebook, right?”
Me : “Right…like facebook”

“See…I told you guys”

A Good Day


Though I wonder if she ever does think of the moment the way I do, that day, sunny afternoon, I photographed her and she let me.
I skipped my rule #1 : Be discreet, shoot and walk away rather I chose to play fair which is rare, my rule #2 : Ask when you darn sure they won’t refuse.
She utterly refused though not for long perhaps she anticipated I’ll just stand there sulking all day and trust me I’m quite good at it..