Spinoza’s Harmony VI

Happy Birthday Sir Isaac Newton

A work of art that goes under the hammer earns accolades from buyers and admirers but art that fails to receive due appreciation certainly finds a permanent place in the heart of its maker. Every creation of God and man does secure redemption it deserves just like the shining light of a star travels a billion years to reach our planet.
Arjun Bagga

good book is handy in a cabinet of a hotel room.


Few centuries back God’s helpless messengers revolted, for justice, for fairplay.
They had had enough.
A hellava time on earth trying to preach us fools.
“Give us a decent life on earth, damn wars and nails you make us go through”
They raised slogans, protested.
Lately Gandhi and Martin luther king joined in too, tried their proven skills
But God and his mysterious ways.

Alas! None have appeared since a long time.