Spinoza’s Harmony X


A monk’s shoes and walking stick. This dude has never heard of Ferrari, he told me with a naive smile and raised brows.”You’ll never be the bestselling author” I asserted. His grin spiked norther.

35 thoughts on “Spinoza’s Harmony X

  1. They should be just about broken in by now. It’s my understanding that monks never travel from “a” to “b” because there is no “b”. Love your stuff.

    • Those will last another 3 years at least. Unlike us, a hole in the sole for them means stitch and glue another fresh pair of rubber beneath, explains why there are more cobblers in my country than monks. (No pun intended, really!)

      Heraclitus’ submission “You never step in the same water twice” pretty much helped me understand ‘A-B’ theory…

      Thank you for dropping by. It’s always pleasure to hear from you. Your comments wake me up!! 🙂

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