Wings of Autumn


i fly high, whooosh
seagulls wonder
eagles envy

stabbing breath. laced spirits
coy eyes, beating lashes
she curled abreast, a meandering poet
and whispered
“Love, fly”

36 thoughts on “Wings of Autumn

    • Travel, random pictures I took. Never knew my words and pictures will create a harmony worth sharing with friends. Thank you Clanmother. I walk away from a chaotic 2012 with a smile, having you by my side -)

  1. Yet another intriguing surprise. Lovely.
    Confession – I read your work to my mother when I call her every evening. Now retired and blind; she looks forward to my recitals. Once upon a time she was an English professor, and has published short stories, children’s stories, and poetry. For what its worth – she asked me to pass this along to you -“he has an unpretentious, tender gift”
    Happy New Year 😉

    • Thank you Valerie.
      I am overwhelmed. Seems a sign, a closure of my past, a reason to write, someone out there likes it.
      A small gift, I request you to pass onto her. A poem, i wrote sometime back.

      • My mother gratefully accepted your gift, with many thanks. She asked that I pass this message to you – ” you were born a poet, with an insight and perspective that is a gift; questioning will only lead to self doubt.” In the next few days she is going to give me a list of publications she thinks you should submit work to.

          • Doubt is the writers poison. She had her first short story published when only 17. One of her children’s stories was published in “child craft” for the World Book Encyclopedia, her work was produced by the National Film Board. She married my father (a farmer) who thought you were lazy if you read a book. All because she doubted herself. I was 7 years old when she had her first breakdown; I watched her taken away by ambulance in a straight jacket.
            The point I’m making; the message she’s giving is – embrace your destiny. 🙂

  2. When I worked in New York there were any number of musicians who would play in the subway stations and at Penn Station. This brings it all back. Nice photo, beautiful poem. And thanks for the follow!

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