Fine grain


He’ll appear
One night, sly
Engulf me, unaware
In warm threads of cotton

Silence illuminating from the dark
Will hum a lullaby
Till I turn cold
Set free
A mirage

61 thoughts on “Fine grain

  1. This image with the bokeh and the old and young walking together has warmth and a timelessness about it-and your words help bring the image even more alive- in the short time I have been following your work, I have been impressed by the stories you discover and share-wonderful work!

  2. After a few months of absence I find you always sensitive and full of delicacy.
    It would be wonderful to fully understand your every word. I smell that rises from the words and your pictures.
    It ‘s very nice to roll your blog … as always.

    Forgive my absence but believe me, I have not forgotten your so polite to write your stories and your poems.
    un bacio

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