Stop Watch

Clock is a vile design of the capitalists to rein in the working class nevertheless this opinion of mine should not be misconstrued as my resistance to branded watches.

42 thoughts on “Stop Watch

  1. I see the watch as an extension of the sundial. Yes, we march to time – I never forget the brilliance of past civilizations who were clever enough to figure it all out; so I just smile – and wish I could wear a sundial on my wrist.

    • Ah, I know that feeling. It hurts.
      India’s biggest superstar went through a low patch, so bad he had almost lost his house, his wealth.
      A miracle of sorts, he regained his glory. It’s impossible for an actor to make a comeback. He did. A very similar story to John travolta.
      During his bad times, he bought a watch worth 700 $. He just couldn’t resist, so he bought he said.
      He wears that watch till date.
      This story has nothing to do with yours but I thought I’ll share, in case…

  2. In the past I was always late and it was a bad habit, time or watches didn’t exist for me but in these days you have to show also some respect so now a good watch is very welcome !

  3. HA! So much love your quote. Bet you have a branded watch too… ? 🙂

    Great image – great photo, & loved your caption.

    (I don’t have a watch, but only because it annoys me time hangs off my wrist. Don’t like it)

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