a guy on the phone
outside a bar i was in
he was relentlessly pleading
obviously to a girl
the barkeep and me were convinced

he walked in athirst
with tears in his eyes
“a double please”
and on the far end
a voice drumming the dead-end
our guy had reached

he bolted down the glass empty
fade out, fade in…
phone landed near the toilet door
and a lover at my feet

i rushed for the phone, gave my ear a check
“hello hello, what was that?” She bellowed
a familiar voice, i kinda felt

β€œgimme the phone”
the die-hard lover was back on his feet
“it’s still on” i asserted with a smile
the barkeep too smiled
he’s my friend
and i’m a gentleman
you know that

he grabbed the phone
“i blacked out”
she disconnected

85 thoughts on “Blues

    • Thank you very much Eric. 14 years of working in the movie business, visual sense of storytelling by default takes the lead and not the literary finesse πŸ™‚

  1. ah the complexities of relationships… Arjun, …. ‘twould be so easy if we could read each others minds…. then again, perhaps not !!! πŸ˜‰ xx ..(great photo shot too, )

  2. Great photo and all the sensations of being right there in the bar with you or the narrator I should say. Can practically smell his breath. Sad story but then there are lots of sad stories in bars. Good show, Arjun, as per usual.

          • Ah, yes. Hope it’s productive and relaxing. I’ll miss your posts. I’m taking it easy mostly – with a bit of photography, an attempt to set up a print shop on Etsy (very time-consuming), and a lot of pondering.

          • I’m 7 odd posts away from winding up.
            Hmm.. I hope “A lot of pondering” brings up new ideas and themes. Think video – youtube. Your love for music and street photography can come in handy. On my mind basically. That’s where I belong, as in cinema.

          • Wow, forward planning. It’s funny, I just kind of ground to a halt. I’m mostly just arguing with myself at the moment. Yes, good idea – it’s obviously a part of you – a lot of your writing is cinematic (and your shots are great).

  3. The human condition is fascinating, ugly, beautiful, incredible, and you capture it so well.

  4. I love this portfolio of you! Excellent blog! Just the titles bring so many creative ideas to use for my own blog. Will you mind if I use a word every now and then? I like to think I am a bit of a wordsmith, but you seem to find the exact words that get your readers salivating to read on. πŸ™‚

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