Postcard to Friends


My friends can’t believe I took that picture. No one believes I stepped out early morning with my camera. I’m quite infamous for my late nights. My perfect day starts around noon and this is officially my first early morning outdoor picture and later I remembered a distant friend once asked me and I told him, I take pictures and he smirked “No way, photographers wake up in the wee hours and head places…”
Ignorant fool, I thought of him then and believe me, he is an idiot. He made a mean remark, I’m sure you’ll agree. 23 days gone since I walked on the beach, that quaint, peerless morning….let me say, true friends look beyond what time you wake up.

74 thoughts on “Postcard to Friends

  1. So worth the early morning adventure, Arjun, such a photo adds so much, to anyones day.
    To see the sun
    early morn
    to catch the glow
    a yellow dawn
    the eyes behold
    the mind excites
    so worth missing
    those late delights..


    • 23 days gone since I took that picture, perhaps I was waiting for your intervention?!
      Incredibly touching, beautifully written poem..I’m so elated. On second thoughts, darn…you’ve left me with no excuse no more…
      Thank you very much Pen. I’ll cherish it for a long long time!!

      • Your photo says more than my effort… you captured the beauty, I tried hard to describe it…but fell short.. I’m chasing my muse around, but it’s faster than me…damn it!!

        • That’s not true…your muse is in you, with you…Your poem overwhelmed me and I’ll go out again, early morning, to find a picture for your poem which if you accept, I want you to put the duo on your blog.

    • Ha ha…I’ll find my share of images anyway and John, thank you so much for appreciating this one and every picture that I ever took, put it here..merely wondering if I could change my perception, lifestyle…just like that…we become stiff, doesn’t matter if our beliefs formed over years and past experiences are right or it’s time to move on….

  2. fabulous capture! personally i consider 9:30 to be the crack of earliest dawn. i take photos. i never get up early unless forced too for some terrible reason. tell your frenemy for me….laughing~

    • Yes. I remember reading about your routine in one of your posts and you’ll be glad to know I’m waking up before 10 anyhow last few days. Point that I’ve understood is that I want to make the best of my day, every moment of it even if that means gazing the sky…

    • I’ve been reading about impressionism lately, quite evident in your pictures, reminds of the opening scene in Coppola’s “The Conversation”, I’m inspired. Thank you Richard!

  3. Magnificent color Arjun-wonderful work! I am like you-I am not known for being an early riser-but on occasion, I greet the light and am given in return a wonderful present just as you have-

    • Your comment got me thinking and I ended up reading a good deal about flag protocol for fisherman though it didn’t help me ascertain why that flag in my picture..Lol
      Thank you David!

  4. You grabbed me at “true friends look beyond what time you wake up.” 😀 Great shot! I have a stray dawn shots as well, and my friends are equally stumped!

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